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February was a really strange month in northern Michigan as well as other places in the continental U.S.  Usually our coldest month, it was quite warm and didn't go below zero at all. February is also one of our snowiest months, but we received more rainy days than snow days. Mix in the jumping temperatures above then below freezing and the result was many icy roads and a long driveway into our place where you could play pond hockey. 

Bev's job is going well as she starts to wind down in anticipation of a possible retirement this summer (don't hold your breath) and Gary continues to do whatever it is that he does. He has some plans on doing some minor renovations to the living room, but winter is winding down and he still hasn't started the projects. Gary did manage to squeeze in some time to go new truck shopping and wouldn't you know it, he found one-a 2017 Toyota Tacoma. He said he needed it so he could haul material for the living room renovations.

Bev is preparing for a much needed vacation in Florida with our grandaughter Katheryn and Gary will stay home and continue to do whatever it is that he does. It might be a good time to get started on the living room renovations, but again, don't hold your breath.

Health is good here. We hope it is also good with any of you who read this.
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Bev & Gary
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