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Hello Everyone,
March 2, 2018

Well we can check off another month of winter. This has been a pretty mild winter as far as temperature and snowfall go. However, the downside is the freeze/melt cycle that took place this winter left our driveway a 0.3 mile sheet of ice. Also, the lack of sunshine with rainy, cloudy days, kept spirits lower than normal in a mild winter. Our 75 yd walk uphill to our garage became a real adventure. Gary went to work in his woodshop and made two walking canes out of walnut branches from one of our walnut trees. They have a removable rubber tip that covers a rough metal plate on the bottom. They work pretty niftily and came in handy on the long walk to the garage.

Since the winter has been so mild, the locals are worried that the worst of winter is still to come, as March can be so unpredictable. Especially in the northern climes where it can range from brutal, to warm temps and early budding of foliage. The Brougham's are hoping for the latter, but preparing for the former.

Not much more to say as it is winter. We do not do winter sports and although it has been mild, neither of the Brougham's enjoy talking or writing about it. As far as Bev is concerned, the newsletter this month is already too long.

Til next time
Bev & Gary
Beaver Island, Michigan
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